2008 German Speed Cup


"Hayabusa", designed and built by Stefan Penz, is now almost "official" the fastest Hotliners on the world - and it is powered by a very special scorpion motor.

On the Speedcup and Masters F3S-f 2008 in Laucha he was the fastet ever measured into the official FAI course.
We only have to wait for the official confirmation by FAI.

© Dr. Ralph Okon 06102008

This is the first prototype version, powered by a 4010 with plates and magnets from scorpion systems.
Its speed was about 350-370km/h.

The parts of the improved second version of Hayabusa at the Dauchau 2008 speed event.

Ready for the next flight.

Stefan starts his model.

Hayabusa in flight.

Slow down before landing.

The first 3016 motor. Statorplates and magnets came from scorpion and have been built in into a customized housing.

The complete drive section with the 7x10 cfk-propeller before building in.

Drive section inside the body.

The 3520 motor has a housing made by scorpion, too.
Its weight is 231g and it is able to use about 3,3kW avarage for 20 seconds without burning down.
The peak in speed flight is about 250Amps for 1 second.

Stefan was the winner of Dachau contest with 383,8km/h maximum speed and 365km/h average in both directions.
A small flight video you can find here.

This is Stefans winner cup of Osnabrück 2008 speed contest.
The average speed in both directions was 394km/h.


In the German Masters F3S-F (elektrical) Steve won first place with 393,5km/h. He also won the "speed cup" - best of all speed classes including gas- motors up to 15cm 3

Right hand side into this foto is Manuel Nübel. He won he second place (383,5 km/h) with "chimera", also driven by a 3520HV Motor made from parts comming from the scorpion reseach and test department.

Some more scorpion powered speed planes ("Warp 10" with a 7kW (!) 4025HV drive and "Icebird" with a 3525HV drive) you can see here at the end of the side)

This ist the best speed log, made in training with the 3520 drive.
Top speed was 423km/h.
So there is enough room for further improvement for the next year "speed cup"....

Many thanks to scorpion motors and especially to Georges van Gansen personally for his great support in building these very special motors.

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