New Released! Scorpion Commander V 59V 160A ESC OPTO


Continue to our success in our Commander V 130A ESC, we are pleased to introduce our brand new Scorpion Commander V 59V 160A ESC (OPTO) to all RC enthusiasts. It has been a long road to arrive to this stage. During the development of the Commander V 59V 160A ESC, we had met many difficulties in the process and it was a challenge, but we did not give up and continued to face the challenges and learn from them. Many prototypes were made and tested, and the final testing was tested by some of the best pilots in the world. All these effort was to meet one goal, to make the most stable and reliable ESC.  

This new generation of ESC has power stability to 160Amp and Voltage range up to 59V, 14s LiPo battery! It features an excellent built-in internal governor, and also supports external governor. Commander V 59V 160A ESC is armed with aluminum case in Scorpion signature Gold for better cooling. On top of the ESC, four screw holes are pre-drilled for easy installation for Scorpion Hi-speed Cooling fan. As a result of all these wonderful features, this state of the art Commander V 59V 160A ESC delivers excellent performance and handles extreme continuous current like no other ESC, and it is available at Scorpion Power System!!!

Please visit, and get your Commander V 14s 160A ESC today!

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