NEW Release! Scorpion A-5025 Series Motors - For 30cc-35cc Airplanes


With success of the previous Scorpion A-series motors, we have decided to expand the line-up to include more and more sizes. Just released is the latest offering from Scorpion Power System

  • This is a new motor for 30cc – 35cc gas equivalent models running on 19” – 21” propeller. Typically for Acrobatic Airplanes in the 70” – 74” size range.  We made 3 kv options, for 12s , 8s, and 6s operation to allow good range and selection for differnet type of modelers who want to use either HIGH POWER 12s system, unique 8s, or more economic single 6s operation.

  • Motor KV options we carfully selected to be optimized for their relevant battery cell count selection. The -215kv option on 12s, has got the most peformance pulling up to 90A / 4000W of power with 13.4kg+ of thrust. However, to match equal power on a 6s lipo setup, would pull upwards of 180+Amps, resulting in hot electronics, puffed batteries, and short flights. So the -415 KV of the 6s version is relativly lower, resulting in slight lower power. Maxing out at about 155A / 3441w with 12kg of thrust, which keep temperatures in line, and lipos happier, all will still providing great performance. The 8s system is inbetween the 12s / 6s option in terms of power and current draw.

  • All motors are still great power systems for 70” – 74” acrobatic airplanes or appropriatly sized 30cc-35cc equivalent Sport / UAV airplanes providing unlimited performance, and cool, efficiecnt running power systems.

Be sure to check out our webstie info which now includes FULL power draw / thrust data thanks to our Tyto Robotics Thrust test stand.



This motor series was tested extensivly at our facility to optimize the perfomance and efficiecny characteristics. The results speak for themselves! 

The spot light is on the A-5025-215kv which is designed to run on 12s Lipos. It garners an amazing 87+% system efficiency with up to 13.4+ KG of thrust! 



The A-50 series has a removable prop hub allowing for various kinds of prop mounting to suit your application!


Oue 12N14P stator design allows for very small diameter motor to produce amazing power, torque, and efficiency! 





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