New Released !! Scorpion RS-3420-21.5T ETS version sensored brushless DC car motor


Scorpion's RS-3420 series motor has proven itself by shattering numerous IFMAR race records, but we'll never stop working to go faster.
To continue our dominant winning record, Scorpion is thrilled to announce our new RS-3420-21.5T ETS motor.

The RS-3420-21.5T ETS motor  offers the most pure, sensor-based control and precision on the market. Thanks to this motor with Scorpion Vanguard S2-50 Clubrace Kit will be a fair game racing with no different. Even with its rpm limit you’ll feel the power and smoothness you have never felt before.

Each Scorpion RS-3420-21.5T ETS motor is equipped with a 12.50 mm rotor for maximum torque, braking power, and performance with low operating temperature.

Currently available in RS-3420-21.5T ETS

Now available for immediate delivery!


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