New Released! Scorpion HKII-4235-520kv Motor (Nick Maxwell Edition)


Introducing our brand new motor, HKII-4235-520kv (Nick Maxwell Edition)! It is specially made for narrow frame 700 class helicopters. It has the power and performance of a HK-4525-520kv - Ultimate in a narrower motor frame. Additional to that, HKII-4235-520kv is laser engraved with Nick Maxwell signature on the motor.

Nick Maxwell has proven that he is one of the best pilots in the world over the years. He has won titles from the biggest events in the world including, The One, IRCHA, XFC and 3D Master.

And this year, Nick Maxwell will also be competing in the One competition with his Thunder Tiger E700, and his motor of choice? Of course it's the Scorpion HKII-4235-520kv (Nick Maxwell Edition)! On Saturday, 3/8/2013, at One competition, IRCHA, we shall see how this combo, E700 powered by Scorpion HKII-4235-520kv (Nick Maxwell Edition) will bring him another The One title!!

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