IRCHA 2013


IRCHA 2013 was a great success, the heated competitions between the Top 7 RC players were remarkable, and we are a very proud sponsor to participate in this event.

We are also very happy to see a lot of RC players from around the world attended to this event and showed their support to the sport.

Moreover, this is not only one of the biggest event for RC helicopter competition, it is also a good chance for us manufacturer to showcase our new products. Of course as one the biggest RC motor manufacturer, we have announced our new HKII-4235-520kv motor (Nick Maxwell Edition) and it preformed flawlessly during Nick Maxwell's routine at The One competition, and Kyle Dahl even won the championship with our HK-4525-520kv motor! 

Gaui and Thunder Tiger also had announced their new helicopter, X3 and E700, which we know we are all very excited for.

IRCHA 2013 is now over, and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We look forward seeing you all at the next event!!!

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