New Released!! HK-4535-450 KV Motor - PAW EDITION


Scorpion is pleased to announce our new Scorpion HK-4535-450Kv - PAW EDITION

Providing warmth, food and hope to puppies, Scorpion has decided to use the revenue from your purchase on HK-4535-450Kv to support homeless pets to find a warm home today!

The Scorpion HK-4535-450KV PAW Edition is designed for using on 700 to 800 class helicopters running on 14-cell Li-Po power.  This motor represents the most technologically advanced power source ever offered for a 700 to 800 class electric helicopter and also produces 7% more torque than HK-4535-450Kv 12N10P at the same power input. 

This HK-4535-450KV PAW Edition is only be sold at our official Scorpion Power System website at

This is limited to 144 pieces.

They are now available to order, please visit here to have more information.

MSRP: USD 599.99

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