New Released !! Scorpion RR-3420-13.5T sensored brushless DC car motor for ROAR racing!!


Scorpion's RS-3420 series motor has proven itself by shattering numerous IFMAR race records, but we'll never stop working to go faster.  To continue our dominant winning record, Scorpion is thrilled to announce our new RR-3420-13.5T motor for the high demands of ROAR racing.  The RR-3420 offers the most pure, sensor-based control and precision on the market.  If you're looking for an incredibly smooth ride while making huge brushless power in your 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric race cars, look no further than the RR-3420.

Years of research and development by our top engineers combined with on-track testing by professional drivers has made the RR-3420 blisteringly fast without giving up smoothness or drivability.  With its ease of installation into a wide variety of chassis, you'll be shattering record speeds in no time whether you're a professional driver, weekend warrior, or just tear up the streets.

Each Scorpion RR-3420 motor is equipped with a 12.50 mm rotor for maximum torque, braking power, and performance in low operating temperature.

Currently available in RR-3420-13.5T

Now available for immediate delivery!

** Under ROAR approval process.

MSRP: USD 89.99

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