New Released !! Scorpion RS-3420-3.5T sensored brushless DC car motor!!!


Scorpion is delighted to announce our new Scorpion RS-3420-3.5T sensored brushless motor for use in 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric powered RC racing cars.  Years of research and development by top engineers and hands on testing by professional drivers has made.RS-3420-3.5T motor is blisteringly fast, reaching speeds that will effortlessly satisfy any racer or basher. It can fits easily into racing vehicles.

Moreover, the sensor assembly can be easily replaced if needed upon crash or unknown damage. Each Scorpion RS-3420 motor is equipped with 12.50 mm rotor for maximum torque, braking power and performance in low operating temperature. Optional 12.00 mm rotor for high speed and 12.30 mm for all purpose used which can be replaced with additional rotor option.

Scorpion RS-3420-3.5T become the best motors available on the market today!

Features include patented screw-type rotor surface, built-in cooling fan, built-in temperature sensors and more.  Please visit us to find out more about our RS-3420 motors !!

MSRP: USD 89.99

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