New Released! Scorpion RS-3420 Rotor for different purpose !!


Scorpion is delighted to announce our new series of Scorpion RS-3420 rotor is now available!!!

These optional rotor designed for different purpose, uses the same high-strength materials as original Scorpion RS-3420 motor for R/C car.

RS-3420 Rotor (High Speed) 12.00mm designed for maximum motor acceleration and with stand extremely high temperatures.

RS-3420 Rotor (All Purpose) 12.30mm developed for overall applications, motor runs consistently and maintain with response time, throttle and braking power.

RS-3420 Rotor (High Torque) 12.50mm will increase the torque, improve natural push brake and drag braking strength.

Features include patented screw-type rotor and cooling fan to keep low temperature.  

They are now available in RS-3420 Rotors

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