New Product Announcement - Scorpion SII-2212 & SII-2215



We are proud to announce our new Scorpion SII-2212-1400kv and Scorpion SII-2215-1400kv motors which offer the most performance for aeroplane use.

They are designed and precisely constructed using the most advanced CNC components to reach the highest and strictest quality standards to give years of top-level performance.  Scorpion SII-22 series motors have high quality ball bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life. The stators are made with 0.20mm laminations for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses.  Also included on the motor are ultra-flexible motor leads with high temperature silicone rubber insulation and 3.5mm bullet connectors already installed.

They are now ready for immediate delivery.

Scorpion SII-2212-1400kv USD 49.99
Scorpion SII-2215-1400kv USD 54.99

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