Everything you need to know to get up to speed on Scorpion's next generation, Tribunus III series ESC's


The History

The Tribunus series of ESCs was released in 2016, and it was a very advanced ESC series for its time. With its powerful 32bit processor, it allowed Scorpion to implement an all new proprietary motor control algorithm with features such as “Dynamic Timing” and “Dynamic Frequency” adjustment. These innovative features allowed the ESC to adjust Motor timing, and frequency, dynamically, and in real time, to the exact values needed depending on RPM and load, to achieve optimal efficiency, and power in any condition.  This further means that the ESC can be used with any motor, in any application, without additional ESC setup required by the user. Further, the ESC series had very advanced safety protections, and record setting power, acceleration, and efficiency capabilities.

Another notable function of the Scorpion Tribunus ESCs, was the implementation of Telemetry connectivity with Remote Controls. They were the first ESC which could not only have telemetry read out from Mikado VBC radio, but also, the ESC could be programmed directly from the VBC as well. The telemetry functionality was quickly expanded with Futaba, and Jeti radio systems as well, and countless other systems with our UNSC telemetry protocol.

The summation of all these functions and features was the bar which was set in 2016, and it took other manufactures years to catch up to the standard set by the Tribunus Series of ESCs.


The Evolution

Over the years, Tribunus ESCs were released in several sizes, and went on to be a very successful ESC series. Claiming multiple World Championship Titles, and proving their capabilities, through the use of professional pilots in demanding use cases, time and time again. As time went on, Tribunus ESCs evolved into the Tribunus II series, which kept many of the amazing features and functionality of the original Tribunus series, but revised the designs, and added additional features such as USB port for programming.

The Tribunus II series has been the top-of-the-line ESC offering from Scorpion since its debut to the market in the 2019- 2020 seasons.


Raising the bar, and setting the standard… Again

Scorpion Power Systems’ greatest ambition is to continually offer the most advanced, powerful, reliable, efficient, and capable power systems on the market. We do this by constantly testing, and developing new methods and techniques, implementing new technologies, and creating better product to push the boundaries of what was once the standard, and expand them to create new levels of performance capabilities. After 8 months of development, we are ready, and proud to release the first 2 sizes of Tribunus III ESC to the market.


Tribunus III Features





Tribunus III 06-110A ESC SBEC

Tribunus III 06-160A ESC SBEC




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