New Released! Scorpion Portable USB charger is now ready


Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new Scorpion Portable USB charger!

The Scorpion Portable USB charger is easy to use, and its small size (78mm x 25mm x 17mm) allows you to slip it into even your smallest pockets. The device has different mode selections, which helps protect your valuable batteries.
The way the USB charger works is that it uses the balance plug (JST-XH) from your LiPo battery, which allows it to safely charge your mobile phone and other 5V USB devices at the field. It is able to charge devices that use a 2~6S LiPo battery or any other power source from DC 6V to 26V.


• Convenient field charging of your mobile device

• Easy to carry around

• LiPo battery discharge protection of 3.3V or 3.8V

• Auto shut down if short circuit, over load, over discharge, or over heat occurs

• Over heat warning (over 70°c)

• Auto detect LiPo Cell count

• Auto power on / off

• Wrong input polarity protection

• Durable protection case


• Size: (78mm x 25mm x 17mm)

• 2S~6S LiPo input

• 5V/2000mAh USB output

• Other power source input voltage from DC 6V to 26V

• Cell Check.

• Battery discharge protection: Mode 1 ~3.3V or Mode 2 ~3.8V per cell

They are now available for immediate delivery

MSRP: USD19.99

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