Critical Update! V70 - Tribunus II Users


At Scorpion we collect data, (ESC, motor size and brand used, use case, etc) from all our our RMA (warranty) cases. After reviewing the data from our RMA's we noted a higher propensity of failures on customers using certain Non Scorpion Brand Motors.
This lead to a slew of investigations and comparative testing on our part to identify the root causes. After our investigation, we found some other brand motors use poorer quality stator material, which provide longer de-mag times, and lower torque per amp ratios. The combined effect, in certain use cases, could lead to increased chance of failure when used with Tribunus ESCs.
To explain fully would take several pages of writing, so I will say in breif, this is not a "issue of Tribunus" but literally the fact of the motors being "un driveable" past a certain current rating.
While we would love to just advise customers to buy our proven and quality Scorpion motors only, we realize that this is not an option, as our value customers sometimes choose other brand of motors.
So, we have been working tirelessly over the last month testing various brand of motors and re evaluating our entire Tribunus II Firmware, adding in adaptive protections which can sense these certain kinds of motors, and allow the ESC to protect itself when used with them.
I will stress again this update is CRITICAL. We will not be posting the list of motors which we found problematic, as we can not test all. But we found even very popular and "quality" motors on the market can have this issue. So best to just update your ESC to V70 to protect yourself regardless.
If you do not know how to update your ESC, then please watch the below video.
In addtion we have added further protections to protect against improper use cases, as well as improved the drive algoithm even further. Also we have improved our MAH counting algorithm to provide you more accurate mah counting telemtry results.
Also we have added new programing features such as "stick programming" to switch between heli and airplane mode. More infromation will be avaialble in the new tribunus II manual coming soon.

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