New Released! Scorpion M-2208-2000kv - Stealth Edition, a 5S drone motor is now ready


At Scorpion, we constantly strive to deliver products with unmatched performance, and to always offer something different for everyone. Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new drone motor: Scorpion M-2208-2000KV--Stealth Edition.

Scorpion M-2208-2000KV--Stealth Edition gives high performance while using 4S Cell Li-Po power, delivering up to 1000g on a 6 inch propeller. Scorpion M-2208-2000KV--Stealth Edition also uses continuous power at 460 Watts while using 5 Cell Li-Po power, allowing a longer flight time for small sized motors.

This motor will nicely compliment your drone, and comes in a sleek black colour--different from the usual black and gold.  This is a serious motor, meant for racing in extreme race courses with high power efficiency. 

Package includes 2 motors (1 x CW and 1 x CCW), as well as 2 bullet type propeller lock nuts (1 x gold colour and 1 x black colour). 

Motors are available for immediate delivery.

MSRP USD 59.99

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