New Scorpion Series Motors are now avaliable for backorder!!

Scorpion is proud to announce the forthcoming release of several Scorpion new series motors in early 2010 and they are now avaliable for backorder.

The Scorpion S-2503-1610 F3P Special motor is designed to be the ultimate competition motor for the indoor F3P planes. This motor is designed to run on a 2-cell Li-Po battery pack, and when teamed up with a Scorpion 11 amp ESC, provides a potent power system for your indoor model. The S-2503-1610 motor features a Titanium Main shaft, and tips the scales at a scant 20 grams (0.69 ounces). This motor was optimized to work with props such as the GWS 8x4DD and 8x4.3SF, which are so popular with the indoor fliers.

The Scorpion HK-4225-610 Limited Edition motor for use on 600 class helicopters running on 10-cell Li-Po power. This motor represents the most technologically advanced power source ever offered for a 600 class electric helicopter. Each of the new HK-4225 Limited Edition motor is wound with a single strand of 16 AWG (1.3mm) wire for the highest possible efficiency. This motor is capable of running continuously at an input power of 3000 watts at 80 amps, and can handle peak inputs of 4800 watts and 130 amps.

The Scorpion S-5030-220KV motor is specially designed for F3A and run on 10 Li-Po cells with props in the 19 to 20 inch range. Everything possible has been done on this motor to get the most possible power at the lightest possible weight. The Front housing, Bearing Tube and flux ring have been made as light as possible, and a Titanium Main Shaft is used to save even more weight, while maintain strength.

The Scorpion HK-5020-450 motor is designed for 700 class Electric Helicopters, and for people that want to convert their .90 size glow helicopter to electric power. This motor has a maximum continuous power rating of 3770 watts at 85 amps, and a peak power rating of 5320 watts at 120 amps! The larger diameter 50mm stator allows these motors to produce insane amounts of torque.

The Scorpion HK-5035-500 motor will provide all the power you need for the larger 800 class electric helicopters, those massive electric powered scale projects or for your workhorse camera platform helicopters that need to be able to lift heavy weights reliably.

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