Jakob Grimm Hansen

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Hey! My name is Jakob Grimm Hansen. I’m from Denmark. I started flying RC helicopter in 2009. I have always been really impressed by the way RC helicopters seems to defy gravity! I really like to learn new maneuvers and improve my flying skills. This is one of the reasons to I started competing. My first international competition was 3D Masters 2012. It’s great to fly with scorpion motors, because I know the motors never will cause a failure during a competition, where all the equipment must be working fine! Since my first competition, I have learned a lot of nice people around the world. I’m really happy to be a part of the scorpion team.

I have been traveling to events all over the globe - here is the list:

- Paradise Fun Fly Hawaii
- 3D Masters

- European and World Championships in F3N

- HeliMasters Venlo and Nördlingen
- Global 3D

- Zone Format UK

- 3DX Asia Pacific
- Thailand Heli Blowout
- Dubai World Air Games

- Korea Fun Fly

- 3D Cup France
- Alpine Heli Smackdown Swiss
- RotorLive Germany

- Viking Smackdown Norway

- Pitchbrothers Smackdown Denmark

- Pilot TR Jet fest Turkey