Hamish Morley

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My name is Hamish Morley and I live near Southampton in the South of the UK. I have been flying for a few years and entered my first competition in 2015. My competition heli is a Gaui X7 FZ with Scorpion HKII-4525-520 and Tribunus 200 ESC. I am really pleased with how this delivers constant power and integrates so well with the vControl. One of my favourite things in heli flying is night flying with hundreds of RGB LEDs perfectly sychnronised to music. In 2017 my greatest achievement was winning the night flying at Global 3D as well as 3D Champs in the UK. I also have competed in Expert class at global 3D and masters class at 3D Champs. I am looking forward to pushing my day and night flying to more technical levels. 

1st Place Global 3D Nightflying 2017
1st Place 3D Championships 2017
1st Place Expert class 3D Championships 2016 1st Place AIR Nightflying 2016 Global 3D Expert Class 2017 3D Championships Professional Class 2017 Many UK Funflys

For 2018 I will be competing at 3D Championships, Global 3D as well as attending many UK funflys and events.