Scorpion A-Series Standoff Set (30cc-76cc)

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Optional accessories: Scorpion A-5524-205kv

Product Description

The Scorpion A-Series Standoff Set is a universal and rugged standoff set designed in conjunction with our A-55/65 Series motors. When used with our 30cc-76cc class A - Series motors, the spacers can be added or removed so that the total length matches perfectly the equivalently sized gas engine + standard gas engine standoff. Even there is enough adjustability to "cross size" motor lengths. For example you could add an extra spacer to make our A-5524 motor (35CC equivalent) the length of a 50CC gas equivalent engine, or vice versa, remove a shim and you could cram our A-6528 motor (60cc-76cc equivalent) into a plane which is designed for only 50CC engine. With the deep threads, and long M5 bolts, you are sure as well to get through any firewall, and spacer combination you can think of!

Truly a one size fits all product to pair with your 30cc-76cc class Scorpion A-Series motors.

Combine as well with our A - Series Gas Equivalent sized Cross Mounts to not only match the length of your electric motor, but also the bolt hole spacing to a common Gas Engine Size.

NOTE: Does not fit 60cc - 76cc planes with "non standard" engine spacing, such as CARF or Flex Innovations. For such planes, buy Scorpion A-series Standoff Set (60-76cc Compact) .

Scorpion A-Series Standoff Set (30cc-76cc)


Stand Off Length 70.5mm (+5+5+3+1+1)
Minimum Length 70.5mm (2.77")
Maximum Length 85.5mm (3.37")
Bolt Dimensions M5*0.8 x 30mm

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