Tim Moldtmann

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Hi, I’m Tim Moldtmann and I come from Bergen auf Rügen, Germany.

I’m flying RC-Speedplanes , in the class F3 Speed, since 2012. For this sport we need the most powerful and efficient motors we can get, because of that, I’m using Scorpion motors.

My Events:


DM 2013, 20th place with 300,26 kph (FAI)

DM 2014, 11th place with 422,73 kph (FAI)

DM 2015, 4th place with 455,7 kph (FAI)

DM 2016, 4th place with 425,23 kph (limited class)

Powercroco-Speedchallenge 2016, 1st place with 509,35 kph (open)

Powercroco-Speedchallenge 2017, 1st place with 517 kph (open)