WorldRecord Attempts Germany Ballenstedt

Between 24th and 26. of July 2015, in Ballenstedt Germany was Worldrecord Attempts in Speedflying with Competitors from Germany, Austria, Italia, and England.
Result: ( at the moment not official because must beeing confirmed from FAI and has work in progress )new English Record in F5 Open Speed #175: Tom Harry Stallan 422 km/h  (Motor Scorpion / Powercroco)new Italian Record in F5 Open Speed #175: Gerolamo Mazzola 378 km/h (Scorpion Motor handwounded by himself)
New Worldrecord: F5 Open Speed Combo #196: Maximilian von Prondzinski 472 km/h (Motor Scorpion / Powercroco)

Congratulations to all Scorpion Pilots.

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