Elias was racing of the Winter-Indoor Rd1

Winter-Indoor Rd1

Rd1 was held at Söderhamn, the track is very tight with carpet and wooden sections.
Race format:
Two practice heats that are seeding
3 Qualifications
3 Finals
One set of front and rear tires are allowed (Mini-pin and Cuttstagger)
Starting from 5th spot on this tight and technical track is not ideal, but I knew that a clean drive would get me in range of
some decent time.
Start went ok but, I was not able to pass… futher on I made some misstakes and I ended up 5th…
Mission for Q2 was to keep the car on it`s weels, this time it went a almost perfect exept I got rear-ended and flipped on a cone losing about 3sek.
Ended up in 3rd spott.
-Q3 Once again I was struggeling with trafic and did not drive as good as needed to get a higer starting pos in the finals, I was locked in
with starting. No 5 for the A-main.
-A1, A2, A3 🙂
I finished on 5th place in all Finals so you could that it was the days pace 🙂
One thing that was good to see was the consistency, my fastest final vs my slowest was only 0,8sek apart.
So, as I conclude the day I feel the driving was ok but not great….

!!!The Scorpion support is awsome and we are so happy to be apart of the Team!!!
Please check out the Shorty Li-Po and the Brushless motor I`m using!!!

Powered by :
Scorpion Competition Power Pack (2S 4200 mAh) – Platinum Series
Scorpion RS-3420 7.5T

Big thanks also to HP Sweden and BlueBird!!!

Podium+ Me as best Junior driver.

Elias/ Fredrik

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