Winter Indoor racing Round 2~3

Congratulations to Elias Johansson! He likes to share his experience as below:

We went to Falun for Winter Indoor Rd2
The track was quite fast with wooden sections and medium jumps.

As we newly changed car brand we did not have any time to test the new chassi but we were confident in the base setup.
First seeding practises went quite good and I was places in the quickest qualifier….
Q1- Tried to  drive a steady pace with no misstakes and palced 3rd.
Q2-  Pushed abit more but some wobbels placed me 4th
Q3- Was the best qualifier for me with a second place finish.

A1- As I started from 3rd grid I  I hade a good chance to put preasure on the cars infront and take andvantage if they made any misstake.
I got a clean start and was  the second placed car lap after lap. The leader made a misstake and and we where able to pass.
I finished in second place.

A2- The start went good and we was racing for places all the time but as I clipped a cone on the straight exit and ended on my roof.
Frustrated of my misstake I pushed really hard and managed to reach 3rd palce befor the buzzer went, I put in the fastest lap of the whole race (14,465sek)

A3- Was tight, four cars was like a freight-train  with me in second, As my tires started to wear I hade to drive safe and tight not to let any pass, but in the final minute
3rd placed car and I tangled and I found my self finishing in 4th place. Adding upp my results I was placed 4th in total witch is quite good with a brand new car 🙂

And in the Winter Indoor Rd3

As one of the race organizers had to cancel, SMK Falun stepped up, we where happy as Falun always deliver fun and large tracks!!!

The track has medium grip and  wood, plastic and carpet lay-out. A small wall ride and small to medium jumps.
I qualified 5th and was stocked to get the finals going….

-A1 The start was good until we raced a big 90 deg table-top and I got taken out from behind. I was dead last, I felt I had a good pace and
starting hunting down the pack…. Some wobbles by the drivers in front… made me climb top 2 th spot before the buzzer went… a good result regarding my bad start.

-A2 The start was like a copy off the first 🙁 was put on my roof  and lost a lot of time, could climb up to 6th spot.

-A3 Finally a good start, got into second place from 5th on the grid…Drove in my pace tailing the 1 placed car until  lap 4 were I made a mistake, putting me lower in the field.
I was the looked in a battle that would leave me in 7th place.

Summing up my results I manged a 5th place, which is ok…but i felt a bit frustrated  over the start accidents…but that’s racing…

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