Drone Scorpion QF1, First Contact in flight

A few weeks ago http://dronefpvbox.com/ has a chance to review a new drone , its new chassis QF1 , along with two sets of M2204 engines. Please read the review article.

With the collaboration of MercadoRC , distributor of products Madrid Scorpion , we decided to conduct a detailed analysis of this magnificent chassis . Magnifico say, because it is, even though as we all have flaws, but there are certain issues that make it very different , and today we will try to define what those issues are. For starters, its design; we finally have something that is not a box with four arms to place the engines . The design of QF1 is designed not only to improve the aesthetics of multicopter, something that the view is that they have succeeded. Aesthetically the device is impressive , and flight is really amazing how really nice it is. But we can also attest that the flight performance is perfect as we had assumed. mainly in the linear stability , and stability in turns . these small airfoils built it, give it an infinitely more stable behavior than any other multicopter movement that has tried before.
Today I could not perform all the tests he would have liked, because unfortunately we suffered winds of 45km / h gusting 60hm / h where many other racing drones possibly would not have been able or off . And here have much to do super motors, M-2204 Scorpion . We recently conducted some tests of power with them, compared with several other engines and most certainly bore size, although known Cobra 2204 the maximum power exceeded. Well, usually it is important to emphasize that all is not the maximum power , and curiously in the ranks ranging from 50% to 70% the Scorpion have a much higher than the other engines that have proven performance, including Cobra . That coupled with the great shovels Diatone 5045BN give us incredible control in adverse situations , and with such strong winds. Of course this also help Super ESC MXL20A DYS with a so precise that it seems almost incredible response . As well as the configuration of the controller board flight and the ESC own , something we have learned from the magnificent Dany Pacha . You never quite appreciate your support to understand what is set PID, especially with BetaFlight , which as everyone knows is the current trend in CleanFlight users.

Not everything in a story is positive, here too we have a problem, and that the QF1 ready to fly, no battery, we are going weight, since the model has been on the scale 415g . To be a 250 order 40g more than most . And this, is the only negative point of this beauty, something that surely will be solved from Scorpion.
This excess weight, although not much can make a difference in certain circumstances. For example it is not a suitable chassis FreeStyle, but it can be a very good choice for pure race.
Still, we have to perform many more tests before we can know how far behaves well in more favorable situations, and of course that is not the same machine 250mm that the current trend of getting off to 210 or even 200 mm. in any case, regardless of the outcome in the end we get with this set, it is true, that not everything is pure and tough competition , and if you want to have a multi, different and really nice, this is your multi . Moreover if you are fans of Ferrari . We can only, thanks as always to Scorpion confidence, and MercadoRC full support, providing the necessary to complete the quad material. Just as Diatone , for offering their great shovels , and its new flight controller Naze32 Rev6. Thank you all for your support.
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