3DX AP 2015

3DX AP, one of the biggest 3D helicopter competitions in Asia, took place a few weeks ago. We want to congratulate all the Scorpion pilots who had great results this year:

Dunkan Bossion, France. The winner of international class.
Kan Poonnoi, Thailand. The second place of international class.
JaeHong Lee, Korea. The forth place of international class.
Poom Uditananda, Thailand. The fifth place of international class.
Peter Hsiao, Taiwan. The winner of expert class.
Maxime De Moro, France. The second place of expert class.
Ryan Chiu, Taiwan. The third place of expert class.
Chen Kun Hsiang, Taiwan. The second place of SpeedX S Class and SpeedX U2 class.
Louis De Moro, France.
Francis Teh Hang Siong, Malaysia.
Kelvin Ling, Malaysia.

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