Port St. Lucie Smackdown 2015

Port St. Lucie Smackdown 2015 event
Photos provided by Cassine Weaver


Scorpion Motors recently sponsored an event at Port St. Lucie. Cassine Weaver sent us the below email, which perfectly captures the day:

I wanted to write you to thank you again for your support on another successful year of the Port St. Lucie Smackdown.  This year the Smackdown was graciously sponsored by:  RCRevolution, Mikado USA, Esprit Model, Synergy, Tower Hobbies, RC Heli Nation, Helidirect, Precision Aerial Filmworks, Kontronik, GetFPV.com, BKServo, OptiPower, Scorpion Power System, ExperienceRC, KDE Direct, Boca Bearing, Bavarian Demon, Spartan RC, Xpert Servo, Flightline Clothing, RC Booya, Castle Creations, Rotary Wing RC, Gaui, Empire Hobby, Legend RC, Switch Blades, Graves RC, Charity RC, HD Helicopters, Pulse, Progressive RC, Massive RC, Supersition Hobbies, Zeal, Demon Aero, RC Squared, and MultiGP.  This year we added FPV multirotor racing, with the help of MultiGP, had great weather all three days, and had record attendance of 90 registered pilots, plus lots of spectators.

Our autorotation contest had 13 contestants with Brian Phillips winning the trophy with an autorotation distance of 1″, which is the shortest distance on record at our event.

The Top Gun At The Smackdown was the name of our multirotor race, and was sponsored by Scorpion Power System, OptiPower, KDE Direct, MassiveRC, ProgressiveRC, GetFPV.com, Castle Creations, and Flightline Clothing.  The race was broken up into two groups – one for the sponsored pros, which would race for the trophy, and everyone else ranging from beginner to intermediate in the second group.  Abel Almaguer is the 2015 Champion of the Top Gun At The Smackdown taking home the trophy.  David Garcia came in 2nd in Pro Class, and Greg Shultz came in 3rd in Pro Class.

William Anzueto came in 1st place in Intermediate Class winning the Scorpion Sky Strider.  Greg Shultz came in 2nd in Intermediate Class winning a set of KDE Direct quad motors.  Brian S. came in 3rd in Intermediate Class winning a hardshell case from Progressive RC to house his multirotor and radio.

The pilots had a great time at the event.  We had scale helicopters, great precision flying, some awesome 3D and smack flying, and even some speed passes from some incredible speed machines.  We hosted several pros this year, both in helis and multirotors.  Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, and Justin Cook rounded off the pros in the helicopter group.  Abel Alamguer, and Chris Thomas rounded off the pros in the multirotor racing group.  The voice of the Smackdown was Mark Watkins.

Thanks to the sponsors, the pilots got a big treat during the pilots raffle.  Everyone left the event having won something.  No one left empty handed.  It’s always nice to see happy smiling faces leave the event, and we have our sponsors to thank for that.  So, thank you again for all your support this year.

Precision Aerial Filmworks was a sponsor, and provided video coverage of our event this year capturing the essence of the 2015 Port St. Lucie Smackdown.  The enclosed link is the trailer that they created for us.  Also enclosed are pictures taken during the Smackdown.

In conclusion, we had a record year and a very successful event.  Thank you once more for your support of this event, and I look forward to next year.

Thank You!

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