Global 3D 2019 – Day 1 Results and Recap!!!

Today was the start of the worlds most prestigious 3D R/C Helicopter competition in the World, Global 3D!!


This event always held in the beginning of July in Venlo, Netherlands is where the worlds best pilots gather together and compete to see who will be crowned victorious as the worlds BEST 3D Helicopter Pilot. The competition format is one which challenges the pilots in every aspect of flying through 3 different flight routines.

Set Maneuvers – Pilots choose 5 Set Maneuvers from a list of about 40 pre determined Maneuvers. The different maneuvers have different difficulty and “K” factors. “K” Factor is a score multiplier. So the harder maneuvers you choose, the more points you will get, IF, you do them good well!

Freestyle – Pilots Fly a 3 minute all out freestyle routine, where they show the best flying they can do. They are judged on, Entertainment, Innovation, Technicality, Precision and use of Airspace.

Music – Pilots fly a 3 minute “Flight to Music”. Pilots mix their own music routines and then choreograph freestyle flights to the beats of the music. Pilots are judged on Entertainment, Innovation, Technicality, Precision, choreography, and use of Airspace.

In the competition there are 2 skill levels of classes being flown. Masters, and Experts.

The event is judged this year by 5 top shelf judges.

Niels Breet

Jason Platts

Alex Wiehenstroth

Kevin Targett

Dunkan Bossion

Day #1

On day #1 both classes flew their Set Maneuver Flights. While set maneuvers aren’t the most entertains flights to watch, they are crucial round to the competition format. They really challenge the pilots on their precision and overall technical skill level and absolute control of the model.

After the competition flying for both classes stopped, they announced the results for the first round.

Experts Class Round 1 Set Maneuver Scores

  1. Vava Boonmala (Scorpion Sponsored)
  2. Henrik Clausin
  3. Thanawin Kiatgungwalg (Scorpion Sponsored)
  4. Heng Kitchana (Scorpion Sponsored)
  5. Fabien Kloss

Masters Class Round 1 Set Maneuvers Scores

  1. Sakkarin Kongthon (CD) (Scorpion Sponsored)
  2. Kenny Ko
  3. Marik Wiehenstroth (Scorpion Sponsored)
  4. Kan Poonoi
  5. Ryan Chiu (Scorpion Sponsored)

With 6 out of the top 10 pilot places, and the 1st Places in both Classes using Scorpion Power Systems, this real is a great start for Team Scorpion! Keep up the good work Pilots!
Global Scored Day 1

After the competition flying finished then started the Sponsor demos. All of the sponsoring companies sent their best pilots up to wow and please the crowd! One of the best demo was from Scorpion where the Masters Class 1st Place, and 3rd Place pilots Sakkarin Kongthon and Marik Wiehenstroth teamed up for an amazing Tandem Flight!

DSC04386 DSC04388

That was the end of day #1!! There is still lots of flying to go and it will certainly be interesting to see how this competition progresses! We will keep you posted so check back here tomorrow.

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