Scorpion Tribunus 200A Scratch / Dent ***SALE***

Hello Scorpion Fans!

In 2016 Scorpion released the version 1 Tribunus 200A ESC. This ESC is one of the best on the market with the most active protections, and very good telemetry options! Although there is now the new V2 Tribunus II 200A ESC which has improved cooling, and improved PCB design, the V1 is still a very very good and reliable ESC which many still use to this day.

Overtime Scorpion has acquired a fair few ESC which have been used but then refurbished from the factory, and although they are 100% functional, they aren’t viable for sale to the General public. Additionally they have some cosmetic damage on the cases.

Scorpion has decided it is time to clean house and sell off some of these ESC for a VERY appealing price!  These Scratch / Dent ESC’s have now been uploaded to the site. The ESC’s come with a 1 Year Warranty also!

So if you are interested in trying out and seeing why Scorpion is the Best ESC on the market, for a bargain price, then now is your chance to act fast! These ESC’s wont last long!

Check out the Link Below!

Scratch / Dent Tribunus 200A ESC 

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