Heli Fest / Weston Park 2019

Every year in mid June there is one of the Largest R/C Aircraft events in the world. It is known as “Weston Park Airshow” and it has everything from Jets, to Aerobatic Airplanes, Drones, Control Line, Full Scale demos, and last be not least R/C Helicopters! The show draws over 30,000 spectators who are there to see and learn about the joys of R/C Flying. The show went on Friday – Sunday with Saturday being the main day of the event.


Within this larger event there is a event just for helicopters know as “HeliFest”. This event is located in Weston Park still, but has its own helicopter only flight line just a short walk from the main airshow line. On this line there was mostly open flying for all Heli pilots, and then of course some amazing sponsor demos and a contest for Englands best pilots to showcase their skills in.

DSC04126 DSC04090 DSC04100

Amongst the Top R/C Helicopter pilots there were many pilots from Team Scorpion! Including Dunkan Bossion, Kyle Dahl, Mark W, Alex W, and Englands Connor Sloan.

DSC04091 DSC04121 DSC04120 DSC04130connar sloan

If you never went to or heard of this event before then we recommend you check it out! It really is something special. There are numerous food vendors on site, a beer garden along with constant entertaining flying! Not just R/C flying to, there were eve full scale demos including a Spitfire demo, Aerobatic Bi Plane demo, Aerobatic Glider demo with Pyrotechnics, Night Flying and a spectacular Fireworks display!

DSC04179 DSC04167 DSC04164 DSC04131

Check out more videos and coverage here.





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