RC Boat World Championship 2019 Treviso – Italy – FSRE

Scorpion Power System makes Power Systems for all forms of the hobby including competitive boat racing! Recently there was the 2019 FSRE World championships in Treviso, Italy. We had Scorpion representatives Jacek Dzwonkowski and his son Mateusz Dzwonkowski in attendance!
Boat WC

Check out some of these videos on Facebook of the event!

Jacek Dzwonkowski – 12.4 Sec warm up laps

Mateusz Dzwonkowski – New National Record!!

The results were great for our Team Pilots! Including a new National Record!!

Mateusz Dzwonkowski:

Mini Hydro junior – 1 place
Hydro 1 junior – 2 place
Mini Eco junior – 3 place
F1E junior – 4 place. ***New national record 11.80 sec***
Eco junior – 7 place

Jacek Dzwonkowski:

Mini Hydro – 14 place
Mini Eco – 13 place
FSRE – 13 place

Their setup on their different boats was as follows.

Mini Eco – IS2915-2850 kv

Eco –¬† IS2935-3300kv

FSRE – IS2935-1100Kv

Hydro1 – IS2935-3700Kv

Mini hydro – HKII -3400KV

F1E – IS2940-3150Kv

Much respect to our team Pilots and congratulations on your finishes! We are proud to have you using Scorpion Power System!

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