Pilot Profile – Sakkarin “CD” Kongthon

If you have been following competitive RC helicopters this year then you probably have heard about a pilot from Thailand with the name “CD”.  If you haven’t heard of him then I’ll tell you that he is the current World Champion of 3D RC Helicopters! Maybe you heard the name, but let me tell you a bit more information about 16 year old Sakkarin “CD” Kongthon

His Name

His actual name is Sakkarin Kongthon, But in Thai culture it is often common for them to choose a sort of “nick name” which is easier to say, and also easier for people from western countries to understand. Sakkarin’s nick Name was simply “CD” and so in the RC world he has come to be know just as “CD”. When CD was young, Commentator Nik Johnson embellished on this and gave him the nick name “Compact Dude” which he became know as since he was very young and small at the time.
As he has grown up and matured, his nick name has morphed from “compact dude” to now “Crazy Dude” due to his increased size and increased level of flying!
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.53.11 AM DSC04548

His History

CD started flying when he was just 6 years old in 2009. He first started coming on to the competitive RC helicopter scene 5 years later in 2013 when he competed at 3DX China.
He continued competing in many competitions such as 3D Cup France, 3D Asia Pacific, and Global 3D.
IMG_9150 2 CD Young
Over the next few years he worked his way up from advanced class to masters and then up the rankings until in 2018 he was a fierce competitor in masters class. At the same time CD became very accomplished in drone racing as well.
CD Drone CD Awards
In 2018 at Global 3D he was leading in the contest the whole event, but in the finals it Kenny Ko barely out scored him and CD ended in 2nd. Not discouraged CD came back the next year to Global 3D and won every single round of the contest and earned the title of undisputed “World Champion”. Since Global 3D he has continued his reign by competing at Rotor Asia Masters 2019 in Chengdu China and again winning every round and holding his title.
DSC04612 DSC05019 DSC04619 DSC04646

At the moment CDs flying style, control, and innovation is a head above the rest! We look forward to seeing what more he can do!

His Sponsors

Currently CD Sponsors are

Helicopter – Mikado
Motor – Scorpion Power Systems
ESC – Scorpion Power Systems
Servos – XPERT RC
Batteries – ManiaX
Blades – VTX
Radio/ FBL system – Mikado

Also CD has a sponsorship from Singha which is a Thailand Beverage Company

His Competition Helicopter
DSC04782 DSC04639

Airframe – Mikado Logo 700
Motor – Scorpion HKII-4530-540kv
ESC – Scorpion Tribunus 300A SBEC
Radio – Mikado Vbar Control Touch
Servos – XPERT KD1 And KD1T
Blades – VTX 697
Battery – 12s 5800mah
FBL – Alu Case Vbar NEO
Headspeed – 2180RPM
Pitch – +/- 14.5 deg
IMG_7363 IMG_7364

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