New Product!! Mikado Logo 800 – Overview by Kyle Dahl

In 2011 Mikado Model Helicopters shocked the RC Helicopter world by coming out with one of the biggest and craziest helicopters of the time. The Logo XXtreme. At this time, large electric helicopters were still relatively new, and most helicopter companies were just starting to come out with 700 size electric models. However Mikado decided to jump one step ahead of everyone and push the limits by making one of the first Hardcore 3D 800 size models!

kyle logo xx Logo xxtreme

The Logo XXtreme was massive in size and presence and unlike anything anyone had seen before. It weighed 14.75lbs with huge carbon and metal frames, and swung EDGE 813 blades at 1800 rpm and drained a 14s 5000mah battery in 3 minutes flat with its huge Scorpion HK5035-380kv motor.
In 2011 I competed with this model on my competition circuit. It wasn’t easy but I still held my own at XFC and 3DM getting 3rd and 2nd place, and finally everything came together at the 2011 Ircha ONE competition where I flew the heli and won 1st place!
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.45.56 PM
Then in 2012 Mikado took a step backwards and came out with the Logo 700XX which was using some similar components from the 800 XX just scaled down slightly. From this point on 700 size models became the standard choice for large electric helicopters, and Mikado had the 700xx till 2015.

Then in 2016 they debuted the new “Logo 700” which went back to Mikado’s roots of Molded Plastic Injection Side frames and components. The Logo 700 was a massive success and has been used by many Mikado Pilots to win World Championships time and time again all over the world (all of them using Scorpion Motor as well!)

Now Mikado has decided to go full circle and revisit the 800 market using the plastic Logo 700 as the base model this time. Check out a brief overview and some flight footage of the model here!

Kyle Dahl Introduces the New Logo 800!! 

Kyle 800

The design changes are as follows.

  • New plastic lower frame section which allow for bigger batteries and a larger canopy.
  • 30mm boom diameter boom, rather then the old 25mm boom, which is long enough to swing 810mm blades with 130mm tail blades for low rpm flying
  • Metal tail case to fit the new 30mm boom
  • New Canopy and landing gear bows which are much larger to fit the aesthetics of a 800 size model giving it a great presence in the air

800 Frames

This helicopter is MUCH lighter then the previous Logo XXtreme weighing in at a feather lite 6kg (13.2lbs) with 14s power system. Despite its large size it is still very nimble and quick in the air. But, lower the RPM some and it’s docile and smooth and perfect for large air/ sport flying. Really a perfect helicopter for any type of pilot.

I was so impressed with this heli when I started testing it. It was like nothing I had flown before. It had the presence and sound which the Old Logo XXtreme had, but didn’t lack hardly any of the agility of a competition spec 700 size model. I’ve tested from 1000-1900rpm and the model operates perfectly and smoothly at all RPMs! With flight times in the 3:45 to up to 14 mins depending on flying style and rpm!
Logo 800 Flying

We are still determining which KV and gear ratio is optimal, but our Scorpion motor and Tribunus 200A ESC come down cool even after the hardest of flights!

Logo 800 w: canopy 5 Kyle Radio Logo 800

Mikado has said that they are just waiting on a few more production pieces to get finished, but they hope to start shipping at the beginning of December of 2019! Stay tuned for more information!

Kyle Dahl

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