Helicopter Bailout Mode : Safety Advice

Hello Scorpion customers and Happy New Years! We look forward to a great 2020 and wish everyone many happy and safe flights.

To help accomplish that, we would like to give you all some very important safety advice when using the bailout feature of the Scorpion Tribunus ESC’s. The Scorpion bailout is a feature where you can set a Throttle Hold which has 2 positions. The first position bringing the throttle output percentage to ~15%, and then the 2nd position taking it all the way to 0%.

The first position will turn off the motor, but it will keep it in “Bailout Mode” which means if you click the switch back to Run, the ESC will spool up very quickly (few seconds). This allows you to save your model from a bad autorotation if needed. Then the 2nd position (0%) will turn off the motor and also put it back into standard spool up speed.

The advice we have to give is that if you use the “Bailout” mode to do an autorotation or land your model, before going to pick up your model, or think about spooling up again to take off again you MUST FIRST put the switch to the 2nd position (0% Throttle). This will put the ESC back into standard spool up rate mode.

If you leave the model in Bailout mode, and go to pick it up and while carrying it you accidentally hit the Throttle Hold switch back to Run the model will spool up very quickly with full power in your hand and that can cause serious injury and damage to yourself and your model. Even if you try to do a spool up on the ground from the Bailout Mode this can also damage your helicopter. It can strip the gears, or will cause the model to spin around many times due to torque and can cause damage.

So please ensure that after you land your model, you always put it immediately to “Full Off” (0%) so that the ESC will not unintentionally spool up quickly if you click back to run for some reason.

With that safety notice out of the way, we wish you all again a happy 2020 and happy flying!

Scorpion Power System

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