New Product – Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan – Review and Test Results

Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan

Depending on the circumstances some models might have their Scorpion Tribunus 200 or 300A ESC running a little hot. These factors could be

  • Poor airflow
  • Aggressive Flying Style
  • Hot ambient air temperature

If you have one or more of these factors on your model then you might benefit from a little added cooling to your Scorpion ESC. Luckily Scorpion now has a great new product for you!

We introduce the Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling fan


After much testing of standard consumer computer fans Scorpion decided that they were not powerful enough or not fit for the rigors of RC helicopter flying. In aggressive flying or particularly crashes the normal computer fans would break apart, or at the best quickly wear out causing noisy operation. After this realization Scorpion set out to create their own cooling fan which was designed to endure this type of situations. The result is the new 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan.


This Cooling fan has an aluminum body which can handle this type of aggressive flying. In addition it has 2 tone black and gold anodizing which gives it a very good appearance and high quality look. This cooling fan spins at 16,000 RPM @ 8.4V which provides TONS of airflow over your ESC.


Check out the video from Kyle Dahl where he reviews this new Cooling Fan, and also does comparative testing to see how much temperature difference you get when using the fan vs not using the fan. Very impressive results!


Kyle Scorpion Fan

This Cooling Fan is available now so make sure you consider it for your Scorpion Tribunus 200A or 300A ESC!

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