TITC 2016

Congratulations to Team Scorpion Drivers have a great result in TITC 2016
The below is the result of the competitions.

Modified class used motor, esc, lipo
Vejrak Meen -3rd place
Powered by Scorpion Motor, ESC and Lipo

Open BL 13,5: used lipo and ESC
Roumlarp Witsarut –3rd place
Powered by Scorpion Lipo and ESC.

P. Au –6th place
Powered by Scorpion Lipo and ESC.

No Boost 17.5 used lipo

4th place Tony Tam
Powered by Scorpion LiPo.

5th place Ping Chiang Wen
Powered by Scorpion LiPo.

For more info of the race please read below link.



More TITC photos are coming, stay tuned!!

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