Tribunus 6S120A ESC series.

Huston!!! Eagle has landed.
To be release Mid October!
3 to 6S Lipo ,120A continues, 150A peak 3 second.

SBEC, 5.2 to 8.4 Adjustable 10A continues >20A peak.

Airplane and Heli mode,

Stored and unstored Governor, external governor.

Data Logging, Data output port for external data logging device, such as Mikado V control / Vbar combinations. ( more compatible device will be added gradually.

ESC setup can be set by Mikado V control Radio.

PC connectivity, Android connectivity ( OTG cable needed) , Vlink Cable(optional) plus Diode adaptor cable(included) needed.

Size: 23.7MM x 37MM x 73.8MM.
weight: 108 Grams.

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