Hong Kong Speed Cup 2016!

The second annual Hong Kong Speed Cup has just finished up and was an incredible event! Everyone had fun, flew well and enjoyed time with friends. There were a total of 12 pilots in the unlimited class. 4 Henseleit TDR II’s, 4 Diabolo Speed’s and 4 Gaui R5’s. It was definitely the biggest event of it’s kind in Asia!

Congratulations to the following pilots on their finish in the unlimited class:

  1. KUN HSIANG,CHEN¬†–¬†254 km/h – Scorpion HK 5040-530Kv in a Diabolo S
  2. Georges Van Gansen – 249 km/h – Scorpion HK 5035-540Kv in a TDR II
  3. Poom Uditananda Р225 km/h РScorpion HK 4525-610Kv in a Gaui R5

Congratulations to the following pilots on their finish in the stock class:

  1. Danny Wang – 219 km/h – Scorpion HK 4530 in a Goblin 700
  2. Nelson Chan – 198 km/h – Scorpion HK 4540 in a JR Forza
  3. Chris Chan – 198 km/h – Pyro 850 in a JR Forza


(Second and third had the same top speed, so their second best speed determined the final positions.)

Unfortunately there was 1 crash during the event, a Diabolo Speed went down due to electronic failure. The model was a complete loss and will have to be rebuilt as new.

A key point in the event was Chance Hsu’s (RC Mania) popular new blade design. It took 1st and 2nd place in the unlimited class with a total of 4 pilots using it with great success. The new blade design has a unique shape to it designed specifically for speed flying.

When the event was over, everyone enjoyed excellent food and champagne to celebrate a fantastic event.

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