TDR Ultimate Speed conversion kit.

If you’re into RC Helicopter speed competition and have a Henseleit TDR,  this is for you, only 30 kit has been made, made by RC Mania in cooperation with Scorpion, super strong Swiss steel shaft and Metal gears, and 3K carbon fiber composite Frames, tested with HK5035 special speed version up to 23KW!!

Including 19,18,17T pinion, you only need a 12MM swash  to complete the kit, Gear ratio, 17T 10.2:1 ,18T 9.63:1 ,19T 9.12:1 .

500US$ not including shipping, email us if you need one.

It is available to back order right now and will delivery on 31/07/2015.

TDR Ultimate Speed conversion kit

























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  1. David Sweatt says:

    Damn! lol.. I want one Georges! lol..

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