Avion Cargo Polytechnique Montreal at SAE Aero Design East 2017

Congratulations to Avion Cargo Polytechnique Montreal  has a great result at SAE Aero Design East 2017.

The team is finally back from the SAE Aero Design East 2017 competition. After a lot of hard work to build the best plane possible for technical inspection, the teams efforts were rewarded. We come home in Montreal bringing the 2nd place Overall and the 2nd place in the highest lifted payload in the Regular Class. We are proud to bring back these trophies and to represent Canada and Polytechnique Montréal in this international competition. We also bring back the 4th place in the oral presentation and the 7th place in the design report.

We would like to a special thank you to our pilot Eduardo Voloch for is amazing piloting and help during the competition that allowed us to bring back second place home.

We also want to thank our sponsors that we proudly display on our wings. Without them and their support, this project could not be achievable year after year.

Finally, thank you to ACE – Avion Cargo ÉTS for bringing are plane and tools to competition. Congratulations to University of Akron Aero Design Team for the well fought battle right until the last round.

2nd overall
2nd in highest lifted passenger
4th in the oral presentation
7th in the design report

Powered by:  Scorpion SII-4035-250KV and Scorpion Tribunus 06-120A (SBEC) 

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