Scorpion combo was running 1603 rounds and 120km in 7 hrs!!

I got an insane news from NORWAY !!!

Insane, Yokomo yd-2 tc. 1603 rounds and 120 km in 7 hours. The car have more than 10.000 rounds in total. The only things that is changed is 3 c-hubs due to hard crashes. The car is stock except chassis plate and bearings. Scorpion s2-50 combo with RS-3420-17,5t engine is still 100%. Never exceed more than 45 degree in engine temp. Still perfect condition car. We have used LasseGashi bearings and look at the video 👌😀 great low price fun for every rc hobbiest in the street. Kom å prøv en da vel 👌

Information provided by: Lasse Sørensen

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