Connor Sloan Won the night flying competition at Weston Park!!

Congratulations to Connor Sloan won the night flying competition at Weston Park!!

He said :

What a great weekend at Weston Park!
It may have been a bit to hot but we all survived and put on a great show for the public!

Everyone was asking me all weekend why I wasn’t competing in the main music competition. Ever since I’ve been going to Weston Park I’ve always had my Competition head on, it was great for me to just chill out and take a back seat for the weekend, put on some great demo flights in for my sponsors and to have a great laugh with friends, it’s made me realise how enjoyable an event is without pressure!

I received 1st place in the night flying competition! After wining the night flying competition last year I just had to do it again this year (with my own model) but to step up my game with flashing shoes! (must have been the shoes that did it😉)

Weston Park 2018 hurry up!🚁💨

I couldn’t have done it without my sponsors!
SAB – Enrico Bernabei
Midland Helicopters – Trevor Wallinger
KST Servos – Huân Bùi
Scorpion Power Systems – Georges van Gansen
OptiPower/OptiFuel – Andrew Hinton-Lever

Oh and I couldn’t have done it without my beautiful girlfriend Jess Bothma, thank you for putting up with me all weekend!💗

Connor Sloan 01 Connor Sloan 02

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