Tobias Sanden at Norway – Banken-Cup

Tobias Sanden Race report

The last weekend Banken cup round 4 was held in southern Norway. The track was ready to practice on Thursday. This gave me good time to test different setup on both car and electronic.

Started practice matching times with Nikolai Håheim, something I think was great motivation. When Thursday was done, both Nikolai and I had great pace compared to the other drivers. When Friday and Saturday was done too, I still got great pace compared to the other guys. Both car and electronic worked flawless!

Race day was finally here. Q1 started well, finished second 0.7second behind Nikolai.

Q2 started off great too. Hit a curb coming on to the straight and rolled over early in the race, and lost some tenths to Nikolai. Nikolai followed in my steps and also rolled. Then hold on to the 1st place to the finish line. TQed by less than 0,2 seconds.

Q3 did also go my way and won that too, but overall time didn’t improve. For the finals it was going to be a great and close fight with Nikolai. The rest of the field was allot behind.

A1 and A2 I got pressured allot by Nikolai, but I hold the pole position to the end in both finals.

My scorpion powered schumacher finally worked awesome!
Thanks to scorpion for the support the last year.

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