OXY 5 – Interview with Rasmus Jakobsen

OXY Helicopters has always been known for their high performance micro helis. They started many years ago with the Oxy 3, which used 250-280mm blades and was by far one of the best flying micro helis on the market. After this they released the OXY 2, followed by the OXY 4, and then the OXY 4 MAX.

At Ircha 2018 we were all surprised when Team OXY/ Team Scorpion Pilot Rasmus Jakobsen competed at the “Battle of the Brands” contest with a brand new and unexpected Heli from OXY. The new OXY 5!


We learned that the OXY 5 is a, ground up, newly designed Heli from OXY that is designed for 500 – 570mm blades. Now 8 months later after much more testing OXY has finally set a expected release date of May 15!

We caught up with Team pilot Rasmus Jakobsen and asked him a few questions about the OXY 5, and his involvement in the testing of this new Heli.

Rasmus says

“The OXY 5 has been in the making since 2017, when the first CAD drawing started. I was lucky enough to be in Asia for THB in March 2018, so I went straight to Vietnam to do the first flight ever with our concept machine at the time.

The idea at that time was to make a helicopter so universal that it be nice to fly it as a light 500mm heli and the most crazy overpowered 570mm at the same time – without compromising anything, which challenges the mechanic a lot. One of the most important parts is the tail and that has also been one of the biggest challenges, when the machine is so compliant. That is also why it’s been completely redesigned.
So we went straight to the point, test flying day and night for 2.5 week. We wanted to go to the limit of the concepts machine to gain as much knowledge as we could about the heli Luca had designed and produced. All this, and thousands of engineering hours, lead to the #2 machine, which we called the 1st prototype of the OXY 5 which is a 570mm Helicopter. That was the one I brought to IRCHA to do the Battle of the Brands with.
And now we are here today, weeks before the release of such an incredible malleable machine that can do 500 mm, 520 mm 550 mm and 570 mm blades, has the capability to accept Mini and Standard servo, and do anything from 6s to the most crazy 12s setup and insane amount of RPM. “

o5 TailO5 Head

Currently Rasmus is using a 12s power system which utilizes a Scorpion HKIV-4025-520kv motor, and Tribunus 130A ESC. We asked Rasums what he thought about this power system and also asked him what his experience is with 6s power systems since this is also a popular battery size for this model. He said,

“At the moment I’m running a 12s setup, the Scorpion HKIII-4025-520KV and the Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A, because I wanted to all the tests with the most brutal setup I could get within standard options.
I have been testing out 6s as well, to make a perfect light setup which gave me the opportunity to fly with a single 6s pack at the same time. This lead to a super light heli, cheaper and easy to fly back to back. During high head speed and Hard 3D, the only downside of running a 6s pack is that it can be pretty hard for the batteries. The perfect light weight 6s setup is the Scorpion HKIV-4025-1100KV and the Scorpion Tribunus II 06-120A.”

O5 Frame

OXY has developed a huge interest in the market with this Heli, and I am sure they are proud that it will be available soon. If you are planning to get yourself a OXY 5, make sure you consider getting a Scorpion Power System for it! Either a HKIV-4025-520kv and Tribunus 130A on 12s, or a HKIV 4025-1100kv and Tribunus II 120A on 6s.

Congradulations to OXY and thanks to Rasmus for your time!

OXY 5 – 570mm Blades

Suggested RPM: 1600-2600 RPM

Standard gear ratio: 8.46

Weight: TBA (Waiting for canopy)

Release: 15. May

6s Battery: 3600-5200mAh

12s Battery 2200-3700mAh

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