XFCv2 2019 Day #1 Recap and Results

If you have been in the R/C world for any amount of time then you will have for sure heard the name “XFC” which is short for Xtreme Flight Championships. It was long known as the most prestigious R/C competition in the USA for Freestyle Airplanes and 3D Helicopters. Anybody who is anybody between 2006 – 2016 has competed in this competition before.

However in 2017 the event did not take place. But then starting in 2018 it came back new and improved as XFC v2! Before XFC was just for Airplanes and Helicopters but one of the main change was the addition of freestyle Jets to the competition! Also the Location changed from its previous home in Muncie, Indiana to Eli Field in Monticello, Illinois.
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The format is that the pilots have 2 rounds. A Known Round, and a Freestyle Round. Both flights are done to music. Scorpion Power Systems is the Category Sponsor for Heli, Extreme Flight is the Category for Airplanes, and JR is the Category sponsor for Jets. The ancor sponsor is Horizon Hobbies. Make sure you check out the XFCv2 Website to learn more.

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It is really unique to have such different aspects of the hobby all competing at the same location! This will be great for the spectators to see!

Here is a break down of the rounds which pilots flew today.


Pilots are given 3 x Set Maneuvers and they have to incorporate these maneuvers into a music routine. They are judged on the execution of the maneuver, and the choreography of the them to the music.

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Pilots do a Freestyle routine to music. They are judged on

  1. Execution
  2. Variety
  3. Difficulty & Originality
  4. Artistic Impression
  5. Choreography
  6. Overal Positioning
  7. Flight Envelope

IMG-2212 IMG-2211 IMG-2207 IMG-2209

Today the pilots in all categories (Airplane, Jet, and Heli) flew both rounds once. The weather was reported as Hot, with a bit of wind, but nothing that the professional pilots couldn’t handle! The pilots all flew spectacularly and there were no reported crashes!

When the day finished the Scores were posted and the Results were as follows


1st – Alex Genovese Jr (Team Scorpion)
2nd – Kevin St.Cyr (Team Scorpion)
3rd – Paul Andrioli
4th – Justin Cook
5th – AJ Jaffee


1st – Jase Dussia
2nd – Spencer Nordquist
3rd – Sacha Cecconi
4th – Bryant Mack
5th – Antonio de Souza


1st – Kim Quenette
2nd – Santiago Perez
3rd – Spencer Nordquist
4th – Jim Hillar
5th – Dwayne Woods


During the contest the organizer of the event Frank Noll was live streaming the event on the XFCv2 Facebook page so make sure you check out the XFCv2 Facebook Page to see that!

Congratulations to our Scorpion Team Pilots who in the Heli Category are currently in 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th Place!! We will be following the event so check back tomorrow for another update!

 XFC 1

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