XFCv2 Day #2 Results and Recap (With Crash report)

Day #2 of XFC was the last day of the Prelims flights for all categories. Pilots flew their Freestyle and Known music flights again. After these rounds what the score keepers would do is take the top 3 out of the 4 flights and then average the scores and this would one “overall” result for each pilot. What this allows is that if a pilot had bad round or a crash, he would be able to drop that score, and use just his 3 best scores. These Scores would determine who would get in to the finals.
XFC day 2 XFC day 2 2

The Prelims Scores are as follows


1st – Kevin St.Cyr (Team Scorpion)

2nd – Alex Genovese JR (Team Scorpion)

3rd – Paul Andreoli

4th – Justin Cook

5th – AJ Jaffee (Team Scorpion)


1st – Jase Dussia

2nd – Spencer Nordquist

3rd – Sacha Cecconi

4th – Santiago Perez

5th – Bryant Mack


1st – Santiago Perez

2nd – Kim Quenette

3rd – Spencer Nordquist

4th – Kim Hiller

5th – Dwayne Woods

XFC Scores Day 2

If you don’t know about the format for XFC make sure you read the previous article about XFC which explains the format. XFC Day #1 Results and Recap

There was many hard flights and some crashes this day. The most spectacular being in the Jet category. Kim Quinette was flying a bit to low and totaled his Futura Jet! But thats competition! Push it hard to get results!  Check out the *Crash video HERE *

The drama of this was that Kim Quenette who was in 2nd place of Jets, was flying the same Jet as Santiago Perez who was in 1st place. So since there was the crash, both of the top 2 pilots are now out of the contest for finals. However Santiago is still competing also in the Airplane section of the competition where he is currently in 4th place. Good luck Santiago!!
Santi Crash Santi XFC

One other unique aspect of the competition is that there is a “team” event also. No this isn’t referring to a tandem flight competition, but a competition for US pilots, vs International pilots. Since this competition has many international pilots in each category there is a competition to see who will win overall, Team USA, or Team International in each of the categories. The awards for this were given out at he end of the prelims and the results for this team event as as follows.

KEvin Georges Spencer XFC

Helicopter Team Award –  International Class!
Kevin St. Cyr  from Canada and Alex Genovese JR from Australia both using Scorpion Power Systems combined and average score was higher then the average score of the other US contestants.

Jet Team Award – International Class

Airplane Team Award – Team USA

As far as media coverage there is Jason Benson of FlightReviewz who is there capturing the event! Check out his Youtube Channel 

Congratulations to our Scorpion Pilots who made it to the finals! We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!

KEvin Georges Alex G XFC Santi AJ XFC

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