XFCv2 Day 3 – Final Results!!

Well another XFC is in the books and we have ourselves new Champions for the 2019 competition! The final day of competition consisted of the “Finals” which was the Top 6 Pilots for Helicopters, the Top 7 for Airplanes, and the Top 3 for Jets.  Going in to the finals, each class had a “predominate” leader who had a pretty healthy lead. For Helicopters that was Kevin St.Cyr (Team Scorpion), for Airplanes, Jase Dussia, and for Jets Spencer Nordquist. However, right below 1st place is where it got interesting! The points difference between places for 2nd -5th in all classes was VERY close! Sometimes as little as 10 points difference out of 1000 points!
IMG-2266 IMG-2272 IMG-2271
In helicopters there was a big battle for 2nd between Alex Genovese JR, Paul Andreoli, and Justin Cook with just 20 points difference between the 3 places! Then as well in airplanes Sasha Cecconi, Santiago Perez (Team Scorpion), and Bryant Mack battled for 3rd place, with just 20 points also separating the 3 positions!
IMG_6466 Trophys

What this meant is that there was going to be some exciting flying on finals day as pilots were going to be pushing their skills and their models to the limits tying to get as many points as possible!

For the Finals round the pilots would fly 4 flights. 2 x Known Rounds, and 2 x Freestyle Rounds. If you aren’t familiar with the competition rules make sure you check out the first Blog post about XFC Day #1 where I explain the rules and format of the contest.

All finalist flew exceptionally well and pushed hard. Sometimes to hard! As seen here Santiago Perez was pushing hard trying to get up into 3rd place and got just a bit to low!

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.11.45 PM

Santiago XFC 2019 Finals CRASH 

Spencer Nordquist was in 2nd place in Airplanes pushing hard against 1st Place Jase Dussia. Additionally he was flying in the jet category pushing his CARF Mephisto to the limits!
At the end of competition the scores were tallied and the results were as follows

Helicopter Class

1st – Kevin St.Cyr (Team Scorpion)

2nd – Justin Cook

3rd – Alex Genovese JR (Team Scorpion)

4th – Paul Andreoli

5th – AJ Jaffee

6th – Brendan Hire (Team Scorpion)

Heli Finalists

Airplane Class

1st – Jase Russia

2nd – Spencer Nordquist

3rd – Bryant Mack

4th – Sasha Cecconi

5th – Santiago Perez

6th – Antonio de Souza

7th – Harel Konal

PLane winners 2 Plane winners

Jet Class

1st – Spencer Nordquist

2nd – Jim Hiller

3rd – Dwayne Woods

Congratulations to all competitors and especially to our Team Scorpion Pilots Kevin St.Cyr for Winning 1st place in the Helicopter Category, and for Alex Genovese JR for getting 3rd, AJ Jaffee in 5th, and Brendan Hire in 6th.

As far as media coverage there is Jason Benson of FlightReviewz who is there capturing the event! Check out his Youtube Channel 

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