1st Annual Full Pitch FunFly – Gloucester, UK – June 12-14

England has always been an important staple in the RC Helicopter scene. They were known for hosting the most prestigious RC Helicopter competition, 3D Masters, back in the 2000’s and to this day it hosts a large number of local competitions and breads many competitive pilots! Additionally many of Englands RC Helicopter events are also usually mini competitions for local pilots to compete in.
However, what England didn’t have a lot of was just “Fun Flys” with an emphasis on FUN. That is until now!

This year on July 12-14, England hosted the “Full Pitch Fun Fly” in Gloucester which was put on by Rob Bingham, and George Jones who are well known in the RC Heli scene for there helpful nitro tips, and equally their hilarious banter and good fun. Rob and George had become good friends of mine so when they invited me to come to their event I was for sure ready to go!

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The event was held in a private farmers field about 10 minutes from town, which was exactly what you look for in a RC helicopter flying field, a BIG open piece of grass. Rob and George had even moved down the grass around the flight line and pilot stations. I showed up to the event on Friday morning and there were several people already there at the event with their caravans set up. I quickly got my helis out of my case and built up and ready to fly.

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Other pro pilots in attendance were Aaron Cole, Stu Smith, and Ethan Williams who were throwing down some very entertaining flights for the attendees. The day went on and in the night the fun continued with some food and drinks in typical British fashion.


On Day 2, Saturday, which was the main day, I arrived at the field and saw that the number of attendees had ateleast doubled. There were many cars and caravans and pilots on the flight line. The weather was perfect with good sun, scattered clouds, a slight breeze but mainly, NO RAIN! Was the best weather you could ask for in England. There were 3 flight stations on the field with people lined up all day long ready to get some flights in.
DSC04663 DSC04656

One of the nicest things which Rob had organized was a huge event BBQ on Saturday night. The meat was fresh from the farmer who’s field we were on, and so the whole event was treated to fresh burgers cooked on site! The line was long cause everyone wanted some food after a long day of flying, but there was plenty to go around, and more!
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After this there was the event Raffle which had donations from many companies! Rob had reached out to many people and had acquired a huge tail full of raffle prizes from about 18 different event sponsors. Including helicopter kits, charging cases, batteries, blades, fuel, and of course some donations from Scorpion Power System.
67200132_424513468149830_4331412249580142592_n DSC04671

As the sun went down a few bon fires got started and everyone gathered around to stay warm and watch some great night flying by Aaron Cole and a few other pilots. The night didn’t end till around 1am and by then we were all tired and ready to go to bed.

On Sunday morning it was a very relaxed atmosphere at the event. People were flying still but mostly just relaxing and enjoying the time at the event. Towards the evening people started packing up and heading out and in the night I left to catch a train back to London where I would catch my flight back home.

All in all this was a fantastic event. It was the very definition of what a “FunFly: should be. Relaxed, entertaining, good company, and good location. I certainly can’t wait to go back next year and I hope I’ll see more of you there next time!

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