OXY 5 MEG – Ircha Debut and Review


A few months ago OXY helicopters debuted their new 550 size model called the OXY 5. This model was unique in that it was designed to work from 500mm blades all the way up to 570mm blades. Additionally it could use either 6s or 12s power systems. Read our article about the power system options of the OXY 5 here.

OXY 5 Review with Rasmus Jakobson

Just before Ircha 2019 OXY released that they were going to be showing something new at the event. It would be called the “OXY 5 MEG” . MEG is the abbreviation of “MEGA”. What they showed at Ircha was a Stretch Kit for the OXY 5 which would allow you to use 625mm blades.

OXY 5 meg boom

This is something which OXY is known for. On all of their models typically they release a standard version of the kit, and then additionally a Stetch kit for users who like a bigger rotor disc feeling.

Oxy 2 190mm blades – Oxy 2 Stretch 210mm blades

Oxy 3 250mm Blades – OXY 3 Stretch 285mm blades

Oxy 4 325mm Blades – Oxy 4 Stetch 350mm Blades – OXY 4 MAX 380mm Blades

And now

Oxy 5 550 Blades – OXY 5 MEG – 625mm Blades

IMG_6555 IMG_6554

The new OXY 5 MEG is perfect for a Scorpion Power System. Team OXY and Team Scorpion pilot Rasmus Jakobsen showed his power system of choice at Ircha and it is as follows.

Motor – Scorpion HKIV 4035 – 500kv
ESC – Tribunus 130A
Battery – 12s 3500mah

There still seems to be sparse videos out about this helicopter but for those who saw it at Ircha in person, they saw that it was one POWERFUL helicopter! Obvisouly very light and strong design. We did find one video however from Ircha of Rasmus flying it under the lights.


Congratulations OXY on what seems to be a very nicely designed helicopter! If you are considering getting one, then make sure you consider putting a Scorpion Power System in it!

OXY 5 Meg Rasums Samuel

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