Caution advisory : Static problem on belt drive helicopter.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) cause by belt drive system is very common in RC heli, some will guide the static to the motor mount, some will guide it to the negative of the battery, both are bad idea, especially the first one, guiding ESD to the motor can/will accumulate the charge to a point where it get so strong it can penetrate the winding of the motor, then this ESC will be guided in to the ESC, MOSFET’s are very sensitive to ESD and this can cause the gate in the MOSFET’s to fail and you will end up having a dead short in the MOSFET’s results is fire.

Guide it to the battery will create a lot of noise in your electrical system, servo, receiver, FBL system ETC.. So also not a good idea.

BEST THINGS to do is to use a anti static spray and spray all the belt and gears in your helicopter, this will eliminate the possibility of static build up on your heli, use such as Sprayway 955 anti static spray, I have been using this for many years and never had any static electric build up on my helis.

Happy Landing.


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