No other ESC on the market allow you to do this.

Tribunus Max Amp functions. exclusive functionality !

Tribunus 200A ESC AMP limits functions!

How to use the Max Amp settings. The number entered means continues Amp and peak amp will be double of the continues amp.

The Max amp limits is a limits to maximum amp supply to the motor, when you reach the limits, unlike other ESC that will just shutdown the motor and you will have to land the Tribunus will not shutdown the motor, it will just limits the Amps supplied to the motor and allow you to continue flying at the maximum peak amps settings,¬†what the benefit? by limiting the max amp, you limits the stress to the air frame mechanics, no more striping gears in flight when you make a wrong move that draw excessive power from your system, you can set the limits as seen here in the photos and learn your collective management’s, just as you will be flying a nitro heli where the power are limited.
Also by limiting your amp draw, you will be extending your air frame life and your lipo will never be over stressed by too high amp draw.

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